I love quilting. How about you? I started quilting back in 2001. My husband paid for me to take a class and that sent me spinning into quilting craziness. I started making traditional quilts, moved on to some applique, taught at a local community college and then 5 years ago made my first Art quilt.

My passion now a days is realistic art quilts. I find photos that inspire me, contact the photographer and start the process. Capturing realism is an intense challenge that I thrive on. Look for a fabric you would never expect to use. My latest find was a newsprint fabric that worked fantastic for old worn wood.

I’d love to travel and teach someday. When the opportunity presents itself I will be thrilled to take on the challenge.

I have a wonderful loving family that consists of my husband, our three sons, our sons girlfriends and three amazing grand babies. Faith and belief in God are what gives us joy and purpose in life.