Barn Window

You’ve asked and I’ve posted my picture timeline on the barn window. There isn’t a commentary on each one but it shows my drawing, fabric choices and progress pictures as I created this quilt.

Here’s the answers to a few questions:

  1. Is it a panel? No it is built in layers. I made the window/window frame first. Then I assembled the barn boards.
  2. Is it painted? No there is absolutely no paint, just fabric
  3. Is it a kit? Not yet. I found a picture that spoke to me, tried finding the owner of the picture without much luck, traced the main structure of the window. Using that tracing I made my full size pattern by bringing the drawing to staples and having them enlarge it to the finished size. This becomes my pattern.
  4. Do I teach this method? I wish I could. I manage a very busy apple farm in my real life and that leaves me with little time to spend in my sewing room. But it is a possibility in the future.
  5. Is this hard to do? I wouldnt say it is hard. I would say it takes patience to find the “right” fabric. I auditioned four or five fabrics for the wood window frame before I found the newsprint fabric that read like old wood from a distance.
  6. How did you make it look so real? There’s many places that I needed to add a shadow to make the area pop.
  7. Will you enter this in a quilt show? Absolutely! I will let everyone know when and where.

Any other questions…just let me know.





  1. Thank you SO much for sharing. I’m working now but plan to revisit it. Growing up in central Texas, there are loads of old barns. Not sure when or how, but I’m going to start to look at them differently. AMAZING artist! Yes, you do need to do a class. Maybe on one of the cruises.. make them pay. hahaha


  2. This is a beautiful work of art. My Questions are about how you put the pieces together. I am assuming you used something like heat and bond, right? but did you sew it somehow down by machine or hand or neither and just let the quilting take care of it. Thanks for sharing!!


    • Yes I use light heat and bond. I didnt sew anything down until the entire quilt was made. I Used my paper pattern and a clear pressing sheet to fuse the pieces together. So I would lay the paper pattern down on the ironing board, on top of that the pressing sheet and then the fabric pieces with heat on bond on the back. I would line the pieces up based on the paper pattern. Once I was happy I would fuse that section together. Once cool you can remove it from the pressing sheet and it becomes one piece. Let me see if I have a picture of this….


      • Thanks for the info. I have used the heat and bond light and I really like it. Once you had it all made, did you sew around the edges or did you just quilt it?


      • I sew around most of the pieces using nylon thread on top and a cotton thread in the bobbin to match the backing. Once the main structure is quilted down then I start in the middle and work my way out with the overall quiltinv


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